Best Espresso Machine

Best Espresso Machine

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Choosing the best espresso machine is a matter of “taste” and budget. Espresso machines for the home are all the “rage” because everyone loves espresso – but no one likes to pay an arm and a leg for a steaming mug from the local Starbucks. There is no right or wrong way to choose the best espresso machine. It all depends on what is right for you and for your needs.

Best Espresso Machine: Types Available

There are three basic types of espresso maker, the first of which is the least expensive version – the stovetop espresso maker. This is a quick and easy way to make espresso. You add cold water, ground coffee, and place on the stove. In a few short minutes you will have tasty espresso. Next, there is the semi-automatic espresso machine. This enables you to add ground espresso coffee and it is moderately priced. This is also known as a pump-style espresso machine.

If you would like to go for the gusto, there is always the fully automatic espresso machine. These are the espresso machines you often see in restaurants. These espresso machines actually grind the coffee and there is a chamber that supplies steamed and frothy milk to top off that cup of freshly brewed espresso. There is an even more expensive version of the fully automatic espresso maker. This espresso maker uses pods or capsules. These pods or capsules have pre-measured amounts of coffee. This is the simplest way to make that perfect cup of espresso. It is also the most expensive.

Best Espresso Machine

Which is best for you?

Espresso makers range in price from a modest $25 to as much as $1000. When choosing the best espresso machine, one needs to take many things into account. First of all, you can choose a two cup espresso machine if you are not serving many people at one time. Stovetop espresso machines offer 2 cup versions as well as 12 cup versions. These machines are less expensive and quite easy to use. The semi-automatic espresso machine is moderately priced and uses ground espresso coffee.

You can purchase an inexpensive can of ground espresso in the supermarket to cut down on costs. The fully automatic espresso machines are costly, but pretty much do it all for you. They even grind the coffee beans. You can buy the version that uses pods or capsules to eliminate having to measure out the coffee you need to use. These fully automatic espresso machines are not only hefty in price, but they weigh quite a bit and take up quite a bit of counter space. In sum, when choosing the best espresso machine, it all “boils” down to what type of espresso machine works best for your particular wants and needs. Happy brewing!

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