Coffee for Kids The Bad and the Ugly

Coffee for Kids The Bad and the Ugly

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Coffee is an increasingly common drink to have in this day and age. It is so versatile that drinks like whipped cream topped cappuccinos and sweet sugary mochas may start appealing to kids. It can be a risk to have kids start drinking coffee and this article is about the bad and the ugly when it comes to this problem.


Caffeine is ultimately the number one reason why kids should not be consuming coffee and the following are all reasons why it should be avoided.

1. Too Much?

Chances are that kids are already receiving an amount of caffeine from other foods they consume during the day like soft drinks and chocolates. Adding coffee to the mix would only increase the amount of caffeine they are getting on a daily basis. Caffeine intake should be limited as it is yet alone with children.

If your kids are getting too much caffeine every day, you may deal with the following problems:


-the jitters

-difficulty falling asleep


-stomach aches

2. Little Bodies

Too much caffeine is unhealthy for adults as it is, yet alone little kids with much smaller bodies. Their smaller size makes it so that the same amount of caffeine for an adult will have much greater affects on them.

All the effects of caffeine listed above are symptoms for both adults and children but as you can imagine, it is much more harmful on the kids.

Coffee for Kids The Bad and the Ugly

3. Bone Development

Things like alcohol are restricted from kids who are underage for a reason and that is the fact that they are still developing. Since kids are still developing, consuming certain things can negatively affect their growth. Unfortunately those same restrictions are not put on things like coffee.

However there is no reason why adults cannot place these coffee restrictions on their children because by doing so, they are ultimately helping the children develop in the absolute best way possible.

Sadly, since kids are still in the process of growing, their bones tend to be something that is seriously affected by coffee. Consuming too much caffeine on a regular basis will have a great effect on the calcium metabolism in their body. That is their bodies’ ability to maintain an adequate amount of calcium to ensure healthy bone growth and development.

Although a stunted growth may not be a major issue for adults when it comes to drinking coffee, it can be something to take into serious consideration with kids, whose bones are not fully there yet.

4. Appetite

Kids need an adequate amount of food on a day to day basis to ensure that they are receiving the right nutrition so that they can grow healthy and happy. If kids are consuming coffee on a regular basis, the caffeine present in their drinks affects their appetite.

This makes kids develop a reluctance towards eating or finishing their meals which is terrible in the years where they need all the food they can get to grow properly. Not only this but since children are in such need of nutritional foods, there is no point in them consuming coffee drinks which have no nutritional value for them whatsoever.

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