Is Coffee the Culprit for Sleepless Nights?

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Caffeine is often referred to as the number one used drug in the world. One of the main reasons people consume coffee is for the caffeine present in the drink. We as a society crave that alertness and boost that comes from the caffeine found in coffee.

The reasons caffeine makes us feel so alert is because it is a stimulant. It raises the level of nerve activity in your body and this is why we often times feel the need to consume this drink in the mornings.

Caffeine after Work

Besides the need to have coffee in the morning, we also often times feel the need to have it after a long day of work. We feel like we need the boost sometime around 5 in order to get through the rest of the day. Coffee may automatically increase your energy upon drinking it but unfortunately the caffeine can also take up to 6 hours to leave your system. This means that coffee may indeed be the culprit for your sleepless nights.

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The amount of time your body takes to eliminate the caffeine in your system means that your sleep can seriously be affected even if you have it six hours before your bedtime. It is important to take note of this because if you are a coffee drinker who experiences sleepless nights you may think it cannot possibly be the coffee you consumed hours before but it most likely is.


Since your sleep is affected by caffeine even if you have it hours before your bedtime, you can lose up to an hour or more of sleep. These days it seems like everyone is drinking coffee so we definitely need all the sleep we can get and even an hour lost can make for some serious fatigue the next day.

If you would like to prevent this problem you can simply make it a point to not have any coffee after 5 p.m. or six hours before the time you go to bed. If you experience very poor nights of sleep in general, one of the best things you can do for yourself is limit your caffeine intake. Upon doing this you should notice how much better the quality and quantity of your sleep gets.

Stop the Cycle

Your sleepless nights are caused by the coffee that your drink and in turn, you wake up extremely fatigued and tired and feel the need to consume more of it. If this sounds like you then your consumption and association with coffee can be considered a vicious cycle that you need to stop.

Everyone can use more sleep so if you eliminate your bad sleeping habits to potentially gain an additional hour of sleep every night, you will find that you become less and less tired the next day. Sleep is one of the best medicines you can give your body so if you make sure you are getting enough of it, the results will be amazing. It will certainly make for a happier, healthier, and more relaxed lifestyle!

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