Perfect Coffee Machines for the perfect coffee experience

Perfect Coffee Machines for the perfect coffee experience

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For many of us, the act of choosing a coffee maker involves ceremony in selection. After all, it is the machine by which we will live out our daily coffee ritual—a custom that demands a carefully chosen machine, whatever our budget. Whether we prefer a simple cup of Joe or a smooth shot of espresso, the equipment makes the difference.

Choosing a Coffee Maker

There is something about an espresso maker that inspires visions of friends gathered, of great conversation, of book sharing and of warm companionship. In Italian coffee culture, an espresso is a favorite drink to be savored in a shot. It is not something to linger over. The full freshness and delicate taste of the steam pressed coffee beans is thought to quickly break down, therefore it must be had “espresso” or “fast.” In American culture, we prefer to sip our espresso savoring it slowly. Ironic isn’t it?

Whatever your style, whatever your ritual. We have coffee machine or espresso maker that will satisfy your coffee flare as well as your budget. We have made it our business not only to provide an excellent selection of machines, but we have worked to bring you the best quality at the most affordable prices.

Perfect Coffee Machines for the perfect coffee experience

Stories of Coffee Days

We’ve all heard the stories of coffee days gone by, when a person could walk into their favorite diner and get a cup of coffee for under a quarter. That is a coffee ritual many like to dream about and re-live via favorite old films and memorabilia. We visualize the Formica tables, the chrome bordered counter tops, the malt-shop style stools, our best buddy beside us and a waitress named Marge tucking a pencil behind her ear as she reaches for the coffee pot.

Today, coffee culture has evolved to include art deco walls and a sometimes overwhelming number of coffee options: cappuccino, latte, brave, macchiato, flat white, cortado, mocha this, mocha that, etc. Coffee culture is so diverse that under its umbrella one might find a conservative business group at one table and a group of tattoo artists at the next. Coffee ritual seamlessly flows from coffeehouse, to office, to sidewalk cafe and into your living room.

Take your time, browse for just the right machine. We know that you want more than just a coffee machine. What you want is to create a coffee experience to share with your family and friends.

From our state of the art designs, to the simplest coffee machine, you’ll find our selection and our prices to be the very best in coffee makers and espresso machines. Or why not check our one of our favorite brands, Keurig, to see what they offer.

Thanks for reading another on of our articles. We enjoy our coffee and through this site will be making regular contributions to the great coffee culture and in particular the growing home market. If you would like to more on a certain topic or have any comments or questions for us please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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